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2020 President Ladda Tammy Duckworth - Los Angeles

Location: United States, California, Los Angeles
Date Posted: 23 February
Price: 1
Phone: 8582379817

2020 president Ladda Tammy Duckworth&Laila Amaria Ali, working familes
party&Citizens party

trump wins 2020 if he builds border high voltage under ground
line&desalination pumps above ground water hoses 96" diameter roll
hoses stacked as wall from ocean border texas to california with
aerial patrol train on top of border lines&drain river next to hoses
for leaks&to sell water to mexico&persons not to cross&why h.r.6061
wall fence act of 2006 didnt stop immigration, other ways to ban
mexicans&muslims make 50% fee, for currency money exchange over $50k
to prevent 50% of gun&drug smuggling&tax imports exports 50% for
mexico&middle east muslim countries only on
t.n.t.&guns&gold&diamonds&liquor&tobacco imports exports, cut
self-employment tax from 15.3% to 10%&raise social security tax from
12.4% to 15% to fix social security&raise Medicare tax from 2.9% to 5%
to fix Medicare&750k mortgage interest deduction limit both for
personal&business tax&irs topic#415 with 10% irs estate rental
tax&cancel 14 day limit but tax both personal&business 10% each for
estate rental owner&cut estate sale capital gains tax from 33% to 17%
for senior citizens 62&older for estates if owner splits land into 5
acre parcels for 1862-Homestead-Act for senior citizens retirement
homes&save tax payers dollars by releasing jail inmates convicted of
Infractions&misdemeanors&prison inmates convicted of larceny, thefts,
tax evasions, fraud felons to get jobs to build mexico border



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